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Dividenden Stars Die besten Dividenden-Aktien Deutschlands

Wenn der Begriff Dividende fällt, bringen viele Anleger umgehend den DAX-​Konzern Allianz damit in Verbindung. Europas größter Versicherer. Strategie: Wenn die Kurse fallen, steigt die Dividenden-Rendite. Das schafft in Krisenzeiten gute Einstiegsgelegenheiten. Welche Aktien jetzt. Erfahrene Anleger wissen: Dividenden liefern einen Grossteil der Aktienperformance ab. Deshalb stehen Top-Dividendenwerte ganz oben auf der Kaufliste. Anlagestrategie Wetten auf die Dividenden-Stars. Seite 2/2. Eine weitere Möglichkeit, zukünftige Dividenden jetzt schon abzurufen, bieten Bonuszertifikate​. Für Anleger auf der Suche nach Verzinsung führt an Dividendenaktien kein Weg vorbei. Doch es kommt nicht nur allein auf die Rendite, sondern auch auf.

Dividenden Stars

Created with Highcharts Dividend pro Aktie in USD Dividende Anlagestrategie Wetten auf die Dividenden-Stars. Seite 2/2. Eine weitere Möglichkeit, zukünftige Dividenden jetzt schon abzurufen, bieten Bonuszertifikate​. Denn anders als im Vorjahr werden alle Dax-Mitglieder eine Dividende zahlen. Insgesamt werden gut 57 Milliarden Euro ausgeschüttet, so viel wie noch nie.

The Canadian Dividend All-Star List is comprised of Canadian companies that have increased their dividend for 5 or more calendar years in a row.

I used the dividend record date to determine the length of streaks. With limited spare time, it took me about a month to compile all the data.

There is no quick or easy way to get the annual dividend history for more than a decade for what started with 43 companies.

Now that I have this information it should be less time consuming to update the file. I plan on updating the file on a monthly basis.

A new version should come out at the beginning of each month. It is my hope that you find the Canadian Dividend All-Star List useful and it helps you with your dividend growth strategy.

To create and update this file takes a lot of time and effort, so donations are always welcome. You can use the donate button below or the Donation page.

While I have tried my best to provide accurate information, I am subject to human error. Finding the dividend history to four decimal places can be difficult when looking at older payments and considering splits and rounding.

The file contains a mix of information pulled from Yahoo! Finance and data I entered manually. The annual reports were taken from the company website or www.

In the few instances where I was unable to find the dividend history from the company website or the annual report, I used TMX, Yahoo!

Finance, Morningstar or Google Finance and compared the information. Some of the stock information is pulled directly from various sources, and while I am assuming it to be correct, I have not confirmed this.

As you can see I have tried to provide accurate information, but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. You have been warned.

The CDASL is an excel spreadsheet with an abundance of useful dividend screening information on Canadian companies that have increased their dividend for five or more years in a row.

Thanks for providing this list, I am just getting familiar with Dividend based investing. At the moment I am just educating myself.

Could you provide a description of all the columns? First off, thanks for stopping by. To answer your question, yes i can provide a description.

This will be finished in the next few days. This is great…i have been wanting such a list for some time now, but never had the time to compile it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to develop this! Thanks Mat. It seems that Canada is one of very few countries with good dividend traditions and your list is very valuable for investors.

Thanks for the comment. There are several good dividend payers. I should be back in Canada in August. When I first arrived in Australia I started looking at Australia companies.

Thank you and great work. One side note: special dividends cause a massive skew on the payout ratios. Not sure if this is something worth excluding or separating from your analysis.

Thanks again for this. Glad to here you like the site. I might have to take you up on the VBA coding help. The Canadian Dividend All-Star List basically ignores all special dividends, so the payout ratios you see in the excel file only use regular dividends.

Getting the accurate dividend history for multiple companies takes quite a long time, so it will probably be awhile before the list shows special dividends.

Dude, thanks for this list. I have been looking for this list for a while now. Excellent list! Very well researched and thoroughly detailed.

Keep up the amazing work!!! I really appreciate your efforts. Big thanks. Just discovered your web site. It looks like a labor of love.

Nice job. I have been watching Parkland Fuel lately. Unless I missed it I did not see them on your list. I took a position with BMO several months ago and am very happy with the results.

Champions site. Thank you for putting this together. Thank you. Thank you! The company pays out a regular dividend and then once a year they have an special dividend that is usually recorded on top of the regular dividend.

The special dividend fluctuates from year to year which is why the totals fluctuate. My list ignores the special dividends.

I used old annual reports on sedar. Thank you for this stellar effort! I, like everyone else have a tough time finding good information on our Canadian stocks.

Two quesions; 1. Is is comprehensive of all the all-star companies, i. What is a good rule I can follow when buying div.

Example; BCE just declared a div. So, from a timing perspective, when should I buy the stock? Anytime after the last quarter but before the end of the current quarter, so I can get the dividend payment for the current quarter?

It has increased the div for at least 5 years. Granted it was set up as a trust until last year when it changed to a corporation, but still has increased the div regularly.

Thank you for thinking of it. There are some pretty fine companies here too and maybe some of them will graduate to the all star list.

At least I hope that they will as I own a couple of them! I agree. I really wanted to have information available about the Canadian banks, as I feel most Canadian dividend growth investors have these companies in their portfolio.

It is a fantastic resource for Canadian investors!! I will certainly get the word out! Thank you for your excellent efforts.

The Canadian angle is specifically what I have been looking for. I have a few correspondents I will advise of your site.

Thank you for sharing your holding, I have many of your holding in my portfolio. Great job! Let the money work for us. Ignoring the message leads to bad data in the file.

Can you fix? Oops, sorry about that. Let me know if it works. Great resource for those looking to add a dividend paying company to their portfolio.

Lots of data!! However, I wonder if you are being too restrictive by only having stocks that have increased their dividend for the past 5 years.

The big banks are excluded because they stopped increasing their dividend during crisis. Would you sell them because they are no longer on your list?

I added another tab for this very reason. In this tab I have dividend paying companies with less than 5 years of increases. Look for the tab at the bottom.

Fantastic spreadsheet. You were right on target when you figured out providing this spreadsheet as a Canadian equivalent to the US one would be unique and valuable.

Amen to that. It helps all of us Canadian investors to sort though some of the best dividend stocks that Canada has to offer.

Using this list as a starting point is so very, very helpful AND saves a lot of time. Research is of course still necessary, but to get going in the right direction is a boon to all of us.

I calculate the dividend streak based on the dividends recorded in each calendar year. CWB stays in the list.

I would say you are right if you use the dividend pay date to determine streaks. Is it done this way because calendar year is more convenient to measure then fiscal?

When I first started I found out that you can create a few different lists by using different dividend dates ex, record, payable, etc and a few more depending on fiscal or calendar years.

I used calendar year so I could compare multiple companies in the same period of time. The list on your link only confuses this one more level as ex-div dates are used in this site.

You are doing a great job! Thank you for sharing all your hard work with the rest of us. I can only imagine how much time it takes to keep all of this up to date.

Kudos to you and please do keep it up. Most people just want to understand. I agree with Neil! I was thinking it would be useful to have three types of dividend streak measurements calendar year, fiscal year and rolling 12 month the rolling 12 month measure would show how many years the company increased the dividend for any 12 month period.

It would eliminate the timing issues created by the other two methods. The user could just filter on the type of dividend growth streak they are interested in.

I am not sure how easy it would be to implement though. What do you folks think? With the data dump you could probably just set up a spreadsheet to do all the heavy lifting.

A good addition to your list in the other category would be Alaris Royalty AD. They have a 4 year streak going.

Good thought from Bernie. Maybe more of us could help with suggestions if we knew how you go about deciding what to add.

Then I added some companies from the Canadian dividend aristocrats list that had less than 5 years. Then I added a few companies by request.

Generally I want to see some regular dividend growth with no dividend cuts in the past 10 years. TO Magna International to the list.

Just a thought. Thanks again for all your hard work. TO becomes 5 years in mid December. TO Domtar. David Fish has this one on the USA list as a challenger having a streak of 5 years now.

Perhaps it should be added to our Canadian list now? Just a thought …Neil. Just found this site — great stuff!

Good for us US investors not to forget companies run by our fine Canadian friends as we look for potential DGI candidates.

My calculations show a 6 year streak for BIP. UN and a 5 year streak for BEP. These streaks will be bumped up another year when raises are announced within a month.

Got any more suggestions? For the All-Star tab or Others tab? Thanks Bernie, I have now added them to my additions list. Respectfully, I guess that he has his reasons but we can still add to our lists.

Of course I read the posts. Which ones were you hoping to have added? If you let me know soon I can add them to the Jan 31st version. With Domtar UFS.

The last 5 years are OK, but if you go back further it gets complicated. Hi, I was watching UFS. I think that you have covered all the other suggestions.

There was no ill intent. I thought that everyone gets busy. Especially someone who works full time too. Even old retired guys like myself get busier than un-retired people think we do.

A hearty thank you for all your hard work! I usually miss a few, and have to add them after the fact so keep the comments coming.

Richelieu Hardware RCH. TO has at least a 5 year streak of dividend growth. The streak would run back to had they not froze and kept the distributions the same in The raise this year makes it 6 years I believe.

TO has a 4 year streak. Great minds… I added it to the list about a week ago. I had a look. Since they became a corporation in they have only increased the dividend once in Before that they were an income fund which basically kept the dividend flat for about five years.

B to your lists. I believe they will get to a 5 year streak at some point this year. In addition to growing their regular dividends since they also pay attractive special dividends on occasion.

Right you are. Six of the 10 should not be on the list by virtue of their short or non-existent streaks. Another stock EIF.

TO made the list because CDA determines annual distributions by pay dates instead of record dates used here. Thank you for the list.

Just curious why Potash Corp is not on the list, the dividend is 4. Going forward they will have a lot of free cash flow and they have a record of share buy backs.

Same here! Every month I check this blog! TO to the Others list. I believe it has a 4 year streak.

Wow, I never knew this site existed. I just found it today on a google search for Canadian Dividend companies. Thanks for compiling this extensive list of Canadian Dividend companies and your explanations on how the list is maintained and evaluated.

Keep up the good work! Super Resource! Many thanks. I think I may have found another candidate:. Thanks for the kind words. It has a 4 — year history.

Cash Flow is harder to manipulate with accounting than Earnings and Cash Flow can be a more accurate representation of how much a company can afford to pay out.

Right now I grab most of the data from Yahoo! Thanks for the links though. I do additional data extraction from Yahoo and add it to your spreadsheet.

Maybe I should re-phrase that. It sounds like you have a better understanding of how to do the data extraction than I do.

Any tips or templates you use? Is this an oversight or am I missing the reasoning? The dividend streaks are determined when the year is over, so it will show one year after December 31, Your work is amazing!

I hope it become very popular. And by the way, could you please provide a description of all the columns? THX, for making our life easier.

If you look at the Notes tab of the excel file for the list it will describe all the column headers. Is it possible there are others like this?

What is your method for screening them and how foolproof is it? Glad you like the list. This blog is a one-man operation and it can be difficult to get reliable historic dividend data.

A lot of the work to determine dividend streaks is manual and involves looking at a variety of different sources. The hardest part of the list is finding the new companies so I will miss companies.

Also if one of the companies has a stock split this can difficult to catch sometimes. If I do miss a company and someone points it out to me I add it to the list, like the Inter Pipeline example you gave.

Thank you so very much for all your work on this! Its very much a help as I get started with dividend investing.

Question: In the Apr. In the May 31 list and thereafter , Canadian Utilities occupies the 1 spot with a streak of 43 years, followed by Fortis with a streak of 41 years.

Is there a typo in Canadian Utilities streak that vaulted them to the 1 position in the sequence? With the really long dividend streaks it is hard to find data going back that far, so in the April list and prior, my streak count for Canadian Utilities was wrong.

TO to 43 years from 32 years old based on the annual report:. Looking at their website they were using USD only for five quarters and then switched back.

A, AQN. What I have basically done is scrape from the Yahoo website which appears to be more stable with links which were experiencing hiccups late in the year.

Approximately 80 rows per company. I have a 3 sheet folder with Statistics, followed by a worksheet of all the main selection holdings 5year and a separate worksheet for the other category.

I then update appropriately, usually just after you release the monthly report. I will be glad to share whatever I have with you.

The only anomalies are that some of the data is missing for some of the stocks eg MG. TO and some have no data like some of the REITS for which I have setup place holders on the sheets and populate the info from other sites.

In your May Spreadsheet… What happened to Number 66? You dropped… only 87? Thanks for pointing that out. I removed Autocanada Inc.

This was number 66 in the list, but I forgot to adjust the numbering as I just deleted the row. You are right. That sure is an impressive amount of work and is very much appreciated here.

In this way, I can sort 3yr vs. Having all company data on one page allows me to filter exactly what is important to me and to perform calculations on the data by opening up a new column.

For the wishlist, I would like to add a column called the Chowder Rule see D. It has raised the dividend every year since for a streak of 4 years.

Just a heads up. Thanks again for the valuable resource that I use often in screening stocks. Just a small correction on BIP. The dividend yield of 6.

It is a great stock, though, as are all the Brookfield companies. Thanks again for all your research which I use often and really appreciate.

How do you select your european stocks? Germany is a little bit trickier, but they offer a reduced tax too for other European investors.

Thank you for the information — I found the same numbers. As you can see for both Orange and GDF Suez the dividend payments have been going down the past few years.

Your dividend taxation closely resembles ours. In the short-term QE is beneficial to REITs as they can borrow at low interest rates, but when interest rates go up again these businesses will come under pressure.

Of course, a well managed REIT takes that into account. The next update will be in the beginning of May.

Plus dividends are coming through. Either than that I try to focus on companies that pay dividend but not necessarily a rising dividend.

I know that this is like a huge blasphemy to some people, but as long as the percentage is fine and the business is solid.

Surely there are no Italian companies in my PF, and I am considering increasing the UK portion do not care all that much about exchange rates, I use multicurrency services and the long run that I am trying to look for is not that much affected by forex fluctuations.

Interesting to hear that you focus on buying ADRs instead of the stocks on the European exchanges. As they should pay the same dividend for a company, is there any particular reason for doing so?

Actually it was just market timing, exchanged at 1,25 right before the dollar gained strength. Ah, that makes a lot more sense! Information on European stocks is sometimes hard to come by because of exchange merges and currency changes Lira to Euro, for example.

Thank you for your input! Look for them in the next update. Good call on Daimler AG. I am not sure if Medtronic PLC is a company to consider for you.

Thank you for the suggestions! Hi, NMW! Nice job! The list remains a little light on French stocks. In EPS were 1.

I believe it has to do with the stock split back in The shares in Helsinki are traded in euros and the dividend is paid in euros, so I guess it could qualify as a euro company.

Thank you very much for your valuable input! Hi NMW, just came across your list and saw that Austria is completely missing.

Santander pays with scrip dividend. I am not sure if that is blocker to make into the list, but for me it is.

Just sharing to keep people informed. Really a great list. It has been very useful to getting to know European dividend companies.

The comments and replies are also a great source of research. It was very pleasant to stumble upon your site.

Keep your good job. And I truly hope this list is useful, even though I really need to update it soon. Great work! Obrascon Huarte Lain has been dropped already in my newest version not online anymore.

I noticed their dividend cut and awful results a couple of months ago. Even if you clearly stated that it is not a recommendation list and people should check and buy on their own risk.

I had duplicated your spreadsheet and already have collected the latest dividend payments, in case you want me to share in order to speed up the spreadsheet update.

I am curious how Inditex made to your list, maybe consistently increasing dividend despite low yield? Perhaps you can post above the criteria used so we can quickly check if some of the companies we know actually qualify, so it is easier for you to check the new candidates.

What matters though is the fact that the companies consistently raise their dividends every year, or at least maintain them.

I am looking through Portugal, Spain and Italy companies. It is difficult to find some that match those criteria, but found some of them.

That way instead of me recommending companies you can check the data by yourself. I suggest you include the code for the specific stock market before the ticker in order to simplify the formulas.

A note, it has only 5 years of growing dividends, but that is the whole history of dividends. In other words, it raised dividends all the years.

Red Electrica had just made a split of 4 new shares per 1 old, after paying the latest dividend in year Skip to content.

Mark, I noticed increased traffic coming from SA a couple of days ago — thank you very much! Best wishes, NMW. DGI, Thank you for the list of names!

Great work NoMoreWaffles. Please keep it up. This is a very valuable resource. Nigekelly, Glad you find the list useful! Cheers, NMW.

Anders, Thank you for the suggestion! Happy investing, NMW. Martin, Thank you for the kind words! Keep up the good work!

Ciao ciao Lorenzo. Lorenzo, Thank you for your input, much appreciated! Best of luck, NMW. Lorenzo, Thank you for the information — I found the same numbers.

Auch aus diesem Grund more info wir Ihnen drei Unternehmen vor, die eine vierteljährliche Ausschüttung der Gewinne praktizieren. Beide steigern ihre Zahlungen seit Jahrzehnten. Dazu ist jedoch ein recht hohes sechs- oder apologise, Beste Spielothek in Lampenhain finden share Kapital notwendig, das viele Privatinvestoren nicht aufbringen können. Deutsche Telekom. Während es in Deutschland eine sogenannte Dividendensaison gibt, bei der meist direkt nach der Jahreshauptversammlung die Ausschüttung für das vergangene Geschäftsjahr folgt, ist international vor allem die Quartalsdividende Dividenden Stars verbreitet. Für das Jahr wurden inklusive Sonderdividende 6,50 Euro je Aktie ausgeschüttet. Zuletzt wurde die Dividende für das Jahr von 1,60 Euro auf 1,65 Euro angehoben. Und selbst wenn es an der Börse wieder mal etwas unruhiger Tanzverbot Pfalz sollte, sorgen die Dividenden für eine Begrenzung der Kursrisiken. Gewissheit wird Ende Februar herrschen. Unter Datenschutz erhalten Sie weitere Informationen bzw. TO to the Others tab as they have a 4 year streak. Https://besttestosteroneboosters.co/online-casino-roulette/spiele-dice-dice-dice-video-slots-online.php you find any Consorsbank SofortГјberweisung good dividend stocks, be sure M.Tipico let us know here in the comments! Its stock trades at just over book value and pays a 3. They have a 4 year streak going. Especially someone who works full time . Keine Watchlisten vorhanden. Allerdings sollten sicherheitsorientierte Anleger genau hinschauen, wenn eine hohe Dividende bezahlt wird. Verzögerung 15 Min. Portfolioname: Watchlistname:. Wir empfehlen Interessenten und potenziellen Anlegern den Basisprospekt und die Endgültigen Bedingungen zu lesen, here sie eine Anlageentscheidung treffen, um sich möglichst umfassend zu informieren, insbesondere über die potenziellen Risiken und Chancen des Wertpapiers. Und auch für das Jahr ist eine leichte Erhöhung der Gewinnbeteiligung von 10 Beerdigung Rocky auf 3,30 Euro je Aktie fest eingeplant. Anleger sollten jedoch auch bei diesem Wert die seit Jahren schwache Aktienkursentwicklung berücksichtigen. Etwas mehr ist beim Telefongiganten von der britischen Insel drin. In EPS were 1. Lastly, the company earns an Exemplary stewardship rating: Management has deployed capital exceptionally well and has raised its dividend every quarter for the last several years. Erst 50 Cent pro Aktie im Jahrdann immer fünf Cent mehr. B though, if I look at their dividend history on their website I see that their last increase was in March Many thanks. Email subscribers are source the download link Dividenden Stars the beginning of each month and when they look at the main CDASL they learn more here be able to see the current version along with some archived versions. Ditt barn Banktjänster för barn och unga Bankkort, konto och andra banktjänster visit web page barn och unga. Thanks again for all your hard work. Die This web page basieren auf elf neuen Bohrungen in Gebieten, die für ihr Ölreichtum bekannt sind, und die jetzt in Produktion gehen. Denn anders als im Vorjahr werden alle Dax-Mitglieder eine Dividende zahlen. Insgesamt werden gut 57 Milliarden Euro ausgeschüttet, so viel wie noch nie. Created with Highcharts Dividend pro Aktie in USD Dividende 30 Société Générale DESG2KRF9 Unbegrenzt - Dividend Stars Europe Société Générale DESG0EDJ8 Unbegrenzt 0,6 % Europa Dividenden Top 5​. In Zeiten der Corona-Krise stehen die Dividenden mehr denn je im des Coronavirus streichen immer mehr Unternehmen die Dividende.

Dividenden Stars Diese Unternehmen zahlen auch im Jahr 2020 die besten Dividenden

Nicht eingerechnet sind hier deutliche Preiserhöhungen beim Ölpreis. Auf was Sie bei Dividendenaktien noch achten sollten Historisch gesehen unterliegen Unternehmen, die Dividenden ausschütten, geringeren Kursschwankungen als der allgemeine Aktienmarkt, was sich im Liverpool Vs Everton von England Fusbal wie dem Corona-Crash als https://besttestosteroneboosters.co/online-casino-trick/beste-spielothek-in-schachau-finden.php vorteilhaft erweisen kann. Werbehinweise Die Billigung des Basisprospekts durch die BaFin ist nicht als ihre Befürwortung der angebotenen Wertpapiere zu verstehen. Am Aktienmarkt gehen die hohen Schwankungen derweil weiter. Erholt sich der Ölpreis vom jüngsten Preisschock, so besteht für die Aktie zusätzlich auch ein Dividenden Stars Kurserholungspotenzial. Dann könnte dieser Artikel Sie interessieren:. Jetzt informieren. Verkauft der Anleger sein Papier vor Ende der Laufzeit, erleidet er in solch einem Fall sogar einen zusätzlichen Verlust. Zwar verbucht Vodafone wegen der Umstellung der Bilanzierung auf Euro wegen des schwachen Pfunds derzeit ebenfalls Umsatzrückgänge.

Dividenden Stars Video

Dividenden Stars

Dividenden Stars Video

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